About us

We believe in a world where people connect with their true essence in harmony with nature. Each of our products is an expression of love and tradition, rooted in a deep respect for Mother Earth. That's why we share our Amazonian ceremonial cacao as a gift of life for all, uniting hearts and minds in this unique experience.

Our story: 

After many years of searching, I found that Ecuadorian cacao is truly the best in the world, known for its wonderful scent, texture, and flavor. Even though I've known about its global recognition and awards, experiencing it firsthand was a revelation. Interestingly, I found what I was looking for right in my own homeland, despite living in Canada for over a decade. All the praise for Ecuadorian Cocoa turned out to be accurate.

My journey took me to Orellana province, in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. Tasting this incredible cacao made me realize my purpose - to share its amazing flavor and benefits with everyone. That's why, in 2022, Sacred Bean was founded in Quebec, Canada. It's my way of passionately sharing this jungle treasure with the world, driven by a deep intention to protect the Amazonian forest and honor the culture and traditions of the Ecuadorian jungle. We've made it our mission to be the bridge between the Amazon and the world. I invite you to try it and let its enchanting taste captivate you.

 Pablo Aguilar Founder

Pablo Aguilar - Chocolatier, Chef, and Founder of Sacred Bean. 

Our Objectif :
Make known throughout the World the benefits of fino de Aroma cacao from Ecuador and its derivative products by respecting the land, the culture and its traditions transmitted from generation to generation while protecting the Amazon rainforest, permaculture and the organic market.

Our Mission :
Support and protect the Amazon rainforest! We buy our organic cacao directly from small producers. We pay 20% more than the market price and we ensure that this abundance is redistributed to the workers as well. We do not make any exclusive contract with the producers. Why? Because we want them to choose to work with us with complete freedom and confidence. We want to promote and thus create a true fair and equal partnership.

Our values ​​:
Support small local producers! By giving a better price to small producers, we encourage local merchants and workers to stay in the countryside on their land so that they can maintain their ways of life for millennia. We want to counter the rural exodus and the sale of their land by allowing them to have a stable income from their labor rather than having to turn to the big cities to go to work.

We want to prevent small producers, who are greatly in demand by industrial production chains, from spraying their culture with products that are harmful to the environment and protect the health of producers, workers, their families and also the consumers. This is why we support organic and fair trade production in Ecuador. Sacred Bean thereby becomes a protective barrier for the Amazonian forest and hopes that these true heritage guardians can continue to live in symbiosis with the Amazonian forest.

Why did we choose Ecuador cacao?

Because that is where the oldest source of cacao comes from.
The remains of cacao uses in Ecuador are more than 5500 years old, more than 2000 years before we can retrace Central America sources according to UNESCO reports.


Fino de Aroma

The variety of Fino de Aroma is the variety of cacao recognized worldwide as being the sweetest on the palate with fruity aromas that allow you to fully enjoy its flavor and its benefits without adding sugar. This variety is very rare because it is only part of 6 to 8% of world production and it is almost exclusive to Ecuador. Fino de Aroma means cocoa with a complex taste like a good wine. Each sip has different heart notes and melody.

Thank you for choosing our products and helping us bring light, peace, and harmony to the world.