How to create your own Cacao Ceremony

At Sacred Bean, we have a deep love for nature and follow the traditions imparted by the guardians of the Amazon rainsforest, the Amazonian Kichwa people, and we want to share with the world our love for both nature and cacao.
A Cacao Ceremony can take place in various locations, but what truly matters is not the physical setting itself, but the reverence we show to this sacred time with the cacao, the rainforest, and our inner being. Always guided by gratitude, respect, and a purpose deeply rooted in our hearts.

During ceremonies and rituals, cacao takes a central role as a powerful medicine, capable of elevating serotonin levels and providing a profound sense of well-being. It is during these sacred moments that the Kichwas connect with their inner selves, their community, and their heart chakra. It is a time for reflection, healing, and finding harmony in their lives.

The harvest of cacao is a reverent act, carried out with gratitude and respect for the land that provides this treasure. Each fruit is carefully selected and harvested by hand, valuing the quality and essence of the plant.

For the Kichwas people, cacao is a connection to their roots, the wisdom of their ancestors, and the strength of nature. It serves as a reminder that the land is sacred and deserves to be treated with reverence and care.

To experience a Sacred Bean Cacao Ceremony, it's important to dedicate a special time to connect with your inner self and be mindful of your surroundings. During this unique moment, the goal is to establish a profound connection with your roots, the earth, and the mother jungle that embraces and protects us.

Steps for your own Cacao Ceremony:

  • Dedicate a special time, whether it's a brief ceremony of a few minutes, filled with reverence and intention, or the time your inner self needs to fully connect.
  • Choose a special place for your ceremony, it can be your kitchen, living room, balcony, or patio; any place works perfectly. You can use candles, flowers, plants, or objects that resonate with your personality and style. Remember that the physical space is not the most crucial aspect; what truly matters is you and the sacred connection with the cacao and the cacao tree. 
  • With your preparation ready and in a comfortable position at the chosen place, before taking the first sip, set an intention and express heartfelt gratitude to the ancestral cacao tree for this intimate moment of connection with nature, for the mother jungle, the ancestors, and the guardians that enable us to enjoy this ancient beverage, for life, for the present moment.
  • Tune in with the rainforest and savor slowly each sip of your Sacred Bean Ceremonial Cacao.
Please note that ceremonies can be adapted to each person and circumstance. For example, you can design your own:
  • Gratitude ceremony
  • Petition ceremony
  • Healing ceremony
  • Among others
"It is your special moment, make it unique"
What truly matters is the profound connection with nature, and we are confident that with Sacred Bean Ceremonial Cacao, you will feel the power of the rainforest within you.