How to Align Your Cacao Ceremony with the Moon

How to Align Your Cacao Ceremony with the Moon

There are no strict rules about when to have a cacao ceremony. You can have it anytime. Use ceremonial cacao if you feel confused, blocked, upset, disconnected from yourself, or even if you are happy and want to thank Mother Earth for the good things. In other words, anytime you need it; it can even be every day. However, we invite you to take advantage of the wonderful benefits offered by the bright moonlight with its energy and transformative power.

Under the special light of the moon, cacao embraces us with its ancient magic. It's like a fairy tale in every sip, awakening emotions and dreams. Cacao invites us to explore our deepest feelings and to love as if we were under the spell of the moon. It's like a magical elixir that connects us with the night and caresses us with its charm. It's poetry and magic in every cup!

During the New Moon: During this phase, the moon is in its initial stage and is not visible from Earth. It's a moment of darkness symbolizing a new beginning, an opportunity to plant our intentions and goals. Planting these intentions with cacao in this phase represents sowing the seeds of what we want to achieve. Cacao becomes a powerful symbol of that start, the seed of our aspirations.

During the Waxing Crescent: The light on the moon starts to grow gradually, marking a period of growth and development. Associating cacao with this growth symbolizes how our intentions are also growing and strengthening. Just like the moon filling up, our goals expand and become more tangible. Cacao becomes a companion to nurture and strengthen these growing goals.

During the First Quarter: This is a time to make adjustments and modifications as our intentions start taking shape. Cacao, as a supporting element, can represent the need for adjustments and adaptations in our goals. Just as we adjust our path during this lunar phase, we can adapt our goals to ensure their success and alignment with our true aspirations.

During the Waxing Gibbous: This phase is ideal for evaluating our progress and learnings on the path towards our goals. Cacao symbolizes reflection on our progress and learnings so far. It gives us the opportunity to consider how we have grown and developed on our path towards our goals. Associating this evaluation process with cacao can enhance our introspection and inner wisdom.

During the Full Moon: It's a moment of fullness, celebration, and expressing gratitude. Celebrating and expressing gratitude with cacao during this phase represents recognizing and honoring our efforts and progress up to this point. Cacao becomes a symbol of celebration and gratitude for what has been achieved so far in our pursuit of goals and dreams.

During the Waning Gibbous: This phase represents the release of what we no longer need on our path and the preparation for a new cycle. Using cacao in this phase symbolizes the symbolic release of what no longer serves us in our goals and aspirations. It helps us let go of what does not contribute to our growth and prepares us for new challenges and opportunities.

During the Last Quarter: It represents a moment of rest and renewal before the next beginning. Using cacao in this phase represents the time of rest and renewal. It allows us to recharge and prepare for the next lunar cycle, where we will sow new intentions and goals. Cacao acts as a tool for revitalization and preparation for the next cycle of manifestation.

During the Waning Crescent: In this phase, less than half of the moon's left side is illuminated. It's a time for reflection and preparation for the next lunar cycle. Associating this phase with cacao symbolizes reflecting on the cycle that has just passed and how we can learn from it for the next cycle. It prepares our mind and spirit for a new beginning and a new set of intentions. Cacao acts as an ally in preparing for what's to come.

In the tradition of cacao ceremonies in the Amazon rainforest, each lunar phase is considered essential to connect with the energy of nature and facilitate different aspects of healing, personal transformation, and spiritual growth. Each phase offers a unique opportunity to explore and manifest our intentions in a conscious and harmonious way with the cycles of the moon and nature.


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