Cacao Benefits


Immerse Yourself in a Wonderland with 100% Pure Sacred Bean Ceremonial Cacao. Every sip takes you on a unique journey, elevating every aspect of your life with the charm of Sacred Bean, smoothing the path for unparalleled adventures and enhancing your authenticity.

This exceptional superfood, cacao, clears the mind, improving focus and allowing you to tune into your heart. It eases genuine expression, enhances creativity, and fosters deeper connections, making each moment easier and more fulfilling.

Here are some more of the well-known and amazing benefits of cacao to our body:

Heart Chakra Connection: Cacao helps you connect deeply with your heart chakra and inner self.

Mood Enhancement: It boosts endorphin production, acting as a great natural mood lifter

Rich in Antioxidants: Cacao is packed with antioxidants (like zinc and copper) fighting aging effects and supporting vision health.

Stress Relief and Mood Booster: Its high magnesium content reduces stress and fatigue while promoting a good mood.

Abundant in Vitamin D: Cacao is a great source of Vitamin D, promoting strong teeth and bones.

Brain Stimulation and Memory Boost: It stimulates the brain and memory, having more antioxidants than blueberries and more calcium than cow's milk.

Theobromine for Well-Being: Its theobromine content provides a sense of well-being.

Natural Antidepressant: Stimulates endorphin and serotonin production, acting as a natural antidepressant and promoting better sleep.

Energizing and Stimulating: Offers energizing and stimulating effects, smoother and longer than coffee.

Blood Sugar Regulation and Improved Circulation: It's known to regulate blood sugar levels and improve blood flow.

Powerful Daily Ally: A powerful daily ally and an excellent coffee substitute with longer-lasting effects.

In order to take advantage of all of these benefits, we invite you to consume it without sugar, because sugar acts as an inhibitor of its medicine.


Cacao properties:



Average content (100g)


327 Kcal


22,4 g


11,6 g


20,6 g

Dietary Fiber

29,5 g


140 mg


3,9 mg


48,5 mg


500 mg


690 mg


3900 mg


45 mg


6,4 mg

Vitamine D

2,73 µg

Vitamine E

0,61 mg

Vitamine K1

3,9 µg

Vitamine C

< 0,5 mg

Vitamine B1 ou Thiamine

0,076 mg

Vitamine B2 ou Riboflavin

0,12 mg

Vitamine B3 ou Niacin

1,15 mg

Vitamine B5 ou Pantothenic Acid

0,83 mg

Vitamine B6

< 0,01 mg

Vitamine B9 ou Total Folates

107 µg

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* Even though many enjoy the benefits of cacao, and despite our careful selection of ingredients, we cannot guarantee specific results or health benefits. Effects may vary among individuals. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is recommended for use as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.