Anatha Fest 2023 and Sacred Bean

Anatha Fest 2023 and Sacred Bean


The excitement is incredible when you're part of Anatha Fest! Can you picture it? On August 12th at 5:00 pm, a magical gathering will bring together 1000 souls in the largest cacao ceremony we've ever held with Sacred Bean. Yes, a thousand people will be part of an unforgettable moment.

Since 2019, passionate and curious people have experienced ANATHA Fest. This gathering strikes the perfect balance to connect with nature, with others, and most importantly, with yourself, which serves as the foundation for personal growth. Through talks, workshops, and lively evenings, you'll live something amazing where magic fills every corner of the festival.

Anatha Fest is much more than just an event. It's a space where well-being takes center stage. With music that fills us with energy, yoga that connects us with our inner selves, and personal development that inspires us to be better, we build a calm place amidst the everyday rush to recharge and connect with what truly matters: our inner being.

Feeling at home here is only natural. We fit perfectly into this festival because we share its passion for nature and the well-being it offers. We've joined forces with Anatha Fest to embrace our roots in the jungle and be part of something greater than ourselves. In the midst of this whirlwind of emotions, we forge genuine connections, share enriching experiences, and strengthen our bond with Mother Earth.

The pure Sacred Bean cacao becomes the perfect companion for this grand event. It's more than a beverage; it's a link to ourselves and others. Cultivated with care and respect for nature, it's the magical ingredient that unites body and soul, connecting us with the essence of the earth.

Would you like to be part of this incredible event? Imagine the scent of cacao in the air, feel the energy of a thousand people sharing this special moment, listen to the symphony of emotions intertwining. We invite you to join us in this unique experience. And during Anatha Fest, by using the code 'anathacacao', you can get a 10% discount on our Sacred Bean products, a small gift amidst all this magic.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. We'll be waiting for you at Anatha Fest, ready to experience something that will change our perspective, nurture our soul, and connect us with genuine and lasting well-being!.



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